• The Great Relaxing

    A Broke Millennial's Guide to Self-Awakening








    Let's be honest. You're stressed.


    That sucks.






    You don't have to be stressed.



    There's this thing called Awakening.

    It's pretty dope.


    And hey guess what?



    You can wake yourself up.



    For FREE.

    It just takes time and skillful effort.



    *but you have to do it,

    no one can do it for you.






    This Guide is one way.

    (Not the only way, btw)



    Here you'll find

    FREE toolkits and encouragement

    for your Self-Awakening journey.


    None of them are necessary.

    Some may be sufficient.




    Try them out.

    Like, for real.

    Let's see what happens.


  • ⚠️

    This guide is a Work in Progress.


    All recommendations come from my personal experience.


    Your results will vary.

    How they'll vary is the fun part.

  • Here's the Plan

    (in a nutshell)

    Shut Up

    + Sit Down.



    Focus on the Breath.

    Keep Doing That.

    This just takes time.


    Rewire Your Body-Mind.

    Yep. The entire thing.




  • Ready?

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