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💡 The Process, in a Nutshell

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Here's how I reckon the "Awakening" process (for now).

Drawing on my Practice + readings in psychophysiology & neuroscience.

Every one of these lines is True, in my experience.

  • What fires together, wires together. (Neuroplasticity)
  • There is Breath.
  • There is Attention.
  • Attention can be directed. (Directed Attention)
  • Attention can shape Breath. (Breath-Shaping)
  • There are only so many neuronal firings per Breath. (Firing Rate)
  • There is a Reward System in the body-mind.
  • There is neuroception (aka. Awareness).
  • Directed Attention can "zoom in and out" in the field of Awareness through Breath-Shaping. (Filtering)
  • Filtering wires select neural systems together during each breath cycle, both forming new pathways and reinforcing existing pathways. (Rewiring)
  • Filtering can select just Breath + Reward System. Over time, they Rewire together at the Firing Rate. (Reward-Breath)
  • Filtering can then expand from Reward-Breath to include other Experiences in present-moment Awareness (i.e. Emotions, Bodily Sensations, Memories, etc.). Over time, these all rewire together. (Conversion)
  • Eventually, Reward-Breath is wired together with the body-mind's present-moment experience of literally everything. (Full Awakening)

That's the gist.

Questions for next time...

  • What influences the Conversion rate?
  • What happens at the point of contact between Reward-Breath and Experiences that results in Conversion (or not)?
  • How does Breath-Shaping + Filtering + Conversion relate to jhana and vipassana?
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